Silverado 1500 in Plattsmouth

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Invest in Durable and Long-Lasting Automobiles at Gregg Young Chevrolet| Plattsmouth



At Gregg Young Chevrolet in Plattsmouth, going the extra mile is why we are here. Not only will you receive finance options that fit every single person’s budget, but you will have access to durable and long-lasting automobiles. Whether you need durable transportation for work or leisure, you will be covered.


The staff is highly experienced in parts and automobile knowledge and makes sure to provide each customer with the most superior support yet.


Whether you have good or bad credit, the company will be able to get you into a car or truck that is suitable for your needs.

The Silverado 1500


If you are on the market for a full-sized truck, this could, in fact, be your match. Not only is this model built with advancement, but it is also meant to be bigger and even stronger than all of the older versions.


The starting price ranges from $28,300 and extends beyond, according to your specifications and preferences. The fuel type of the Silverado 1500 is a V8, which means you’ll have a strong engine and horsepower to last.


Trucks for Adventures and Work


Whether you are the adventurer type or you prefer to use your truck for work, the uses are endless as the Silverado 1500 truck cab is large enough to fit all of your everyday equipment needs; taking a large load to and from work has never been so spacious.


If you are headed out on your next journey, you may want to look into taking this beast of a sleek ride with you wherever you go.


The makers made sure to pay special and close attention to the luxury inside of the vehicle, which will give you and your family a spacious commute, whether you’re going for a ride around the corner or you are off on a national tour. The Silverado 1500 lasts through rugged terrain and pounds the pavement with ease once you get this automobile running on the highway.


The truck comes loaded with 4-doors, this way, you don’t have to fight for room or who gets inside first.


Pick-up trucks prove to be an investment once you realize you can start charging for hauling large loads of equipment or ‘things’.


Improve Your Automobile Experience


After you go ahead and jump into the front seat and behind the wheel of the Silverado 1500 beauty, you will likely never want to go back to a car again. Luckily, you will be seated higher and this will give you access to be safer as you will be able to see more of what happens on the road with a higher vantage point.


At Gregg Young Chevrolet, our car and truck experts will make sure that you have access to an automobile that makes your life easier. For those of you looking for a pick-up truck, you’re in luck as the dealership in Plattsmouth always surpasses extra miles. Contact us today.

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