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Replace Old Vehicles with Efficient Designs at Gregg Young Chevy Plattsmouth and Save in 2019


It is about time that you purchase a new vehicle. Either your car or truck gives out, is running on its last wheel, or you are on the market for a better-looking form of transportation; whichever the reason is, it is important to give the automobile experts at Greg Young Chevy Plattsmouth a call.


We are an award-winning Chevrolet specialty car and truck lot that helps get you into the vehicle that suits your driving capabilities and needs.


Whether you are on the market because you’re wasting your money on buying parts that break or you are looking for a weekend ride that upholds complete aesthetic luxury and makes you look like a pro; our auto experts can help you figure out the most economically sound decision that fits with you and your families budget.


When we disclose our motto, “we go the extra mile” we mean it to the core. Safety, comfort, and getting you into the right car or truck is what we do best.


The myriad of vehicle options that we have will allow you to weigh out all of the pros and cons when it comes to buying a new mode of transportation.


When you speak to one of our specialists, we will go over the plenty of benefits that we offer which include new and used selections, the ability to finance your purchase, parts and service, vehicle accessories, expert knowledge, and more.


Once we help match you to the best car or truck; you will be able to drive away knowing that your safety, value, and best interest is always our number one guarantee at Gregg Young Chevy Plattsmouth.


Our team is here to help guide you through the buying, leasing, and financing phases of purchasing a vehicle. We cover the Plattsmouth, NE area and help you find the right choice of ride.


Come in today and learn copious amounts of information about the car or truck that you are about to choose. Either you’ll learn something new about the auto industry, saving on fuel, or engine/part information; you’ll certainly walk away with knowledge that fills your mind with valuable insight.


If you are on the market for a specific design, voice your vision to one of our car experts today and we will be sure to help expedite the process by focusing in on your needs and wants, filtering our selection according to you and your preferences, and getting you into the vehicle that is not only economical for you but highly desired.

Do you have bad credit, none, or are you buying an automobile for the very first time? This is easy, there are ways around these hindrances and our car and truck experts at Gregg Young Chevy Plattsmouth know the ins and outs of helping drivers obtain a sought after vehicle.

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